Connected services

What are connected services?

The Web is an ecosystem of sites that offer users all kinds of functionality; for example, news sites like CNN deliver information about events, or sites like YouTube or Vimeo are used to store and view videos. Many of these sites also make their functionality available in the form of services accessible to other software; for example, YouTube defines a programming interface for managing and playing videos stored on the YouTube site that others can use if they are granted access to it.

Floopstreet calls connected services those services that it knows how to access, and for which it has been given access rights (see the FAQs about access keys for more info about access rights). For example, it is integrated with the Twitter API, and it supports tweeting your status updates to one of your accounts.

What services are available?

Currently, Floopstreet supports access to two services:

  • YouTube: create links to videos on your YouTube accounts.
  • Twitter: generate tweets on your feeds from various Floopstreet actions.

What actions trigger a tweet?

Currently, the only action that triggers a tweet is when you change your current status. In this case, Floopstreet checks if the current persona (whose status is updated) has defined an access key to a Twitter account, and if so it optionally posts the status to that account.

Can I tweet to multiple accounts?

You cannot tweet to multiple accounts at once: only one account per persona is supported. However, you can associate different acounts with different personas.

What YouTube videos can I link?

You can create links to public and unlisted YouTube videos, but not to private ones.