Maps and locations

Although maps are available on the browser, their full power resides with the mobile applications, which are location aware. You can use maps to see what visible places are near you, or if any users who disclose their location are in the area.

What are maps?

Floopstreet includes a map display that shows the location of places and users visible to you, and your current location (on the mobile applications, if you have enabled location awareness).

How are locations tracked?

One of the items of information in the user profile is the current location. The mobile applications update it if location awareness is enabled (you will have to take an explicit step to enable it on your devices; Floopstreet will ask you). You will be able to see the current location for any users visible to you who has turned on location updates.

Can I control location updates?

Yes. By default, location updates are turned off. You will have to enable them explicitly before Floopstreet sends your location to the server. So the steps involved in enabling location updates are:

  1. Enable location awareness for Floopstreet on your device; this gives Floopstreet access to the location information.
  2. Enable location updates in Floopstreet; this tells Floopstreet to send the current location to the server as it changes.
You can turn off location updates at any time; when you do, the location is cleared on the server. Floopstreet also gives you the ability to send locations to the server manually; this might come in handy when location updates are disabled, but you want to let someone know where you are, for example so that they can get directions to your location.

Can I edit places from a map display?

Yes; if you tap the place marker (a flag), an annotation is displayed from which you can show a detail screen, and from that the edit screen. You can also tap the marker to select the place, and then drag it to a new location; when you release the marker, an edit screen containing the new location will display.

Can I create places from a map display?

Yes. From the map screen on the mobile device, hold your finger over the desired location (a long press gesture) until a create screen is displayed.