Persona triggers

The section on personas describes how they can be used to control the visiblity of generated activity by switching from one to the other. Persona triggers automate this switching based on current location.

Note that persona triggers are supported only on the mobile applications.

What are persona triggers?

Persona triggers automate persona switching based on device location; each trigger associates a place with a persona, and stores a sensitivity radius for the switching mechanism. When the mobile device's current location moves within the circle centered at a trigger's place and with the trigger's sensitivity radius, Floopstreet automatically switches to the trigger's persona.

Can I create a trigger for a place I do not own?

Yes; if you can see a place, you can create a trigger for it.

How are triggers displayed?

You can get a list view of all your persona triggers, or display them in the map view. In this case, places associated with a trigger display a blue rather than red flag, and a blue circle whose radius is the value of the trigger's sensitivity radius. For example, the following figure shows a map section containing two places associated with triggers, and another not associated with a trigger; note that the radii overlap in this case.

Can I create multiple triggers for a place?

No; only one trigger per place (per user) is allowed. This because it does not make much sense for a place to be able to trigger multiple personas for a single user. Note that different users can create triggers to the same place.

Can a persona be associated with multiple triggers?

Yes, and often this is the case: there may be multiple places where you would like to switch to the same persona.

What happens if a location is within the radius of multiple triggers?

If the radii for two or more triggers overlap, a location may find itself within the radius of more than one trigger. In this case, the application selects the one closest to the location.

How does Floopstreet track triggers?

As you move around, Floopstreet compares your current location with the list of triggers. When you move within the sensitivity radius for a trigger, Floopstreet switches to that trigger's persona(or to the persona for the trigger closest to your location, if triggers overlap). As long as at least one trigger is matched, Floopstreet will switch personas as needed. If no triggers match (because you have stepped outside the sensitivity radius of all triggers), then Floopstreet switches to the current primary persona.

How do I set the primary persona?

When you set the current persona manually, the primary persona is automatically set to the new current persona.